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Rushmore (1998)

Dear friends,

I am working on an essay on the role of art in Wes Andersons "Rushmore" and need a little bit of your help. I focus especially on the opening scene of "Rushmore". You can see it below:

1. Does someone of you know who painted this picture? In the commentary of the Criterion Collection Wes said that it was done by a Mexican artist. But there are a lot of artists in Mexico I think.  Where is the picture now?

2. Does someone know who designed this opening secne. I think it was Wes but I couldn't find something out about a special designer for title / ending sequences Wes is working with.

3. How could I ask Wes questions on the meaning of art in his films. Does someone know how to get in contact with him or his agent?

Thank you so very much for your help in advance.


the_park, Germany
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