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what are you doing in my tent?

I was driving to work, running errands, picking up mum etcetera etcetera.

and all I listened too was the Wes Anderson movie soundtracks.
hardly cant drive sometimes without music.

I kept scrolling up and down my Ipod, and for some of you people that do have it, I know it can be quite a pain to do so whilst driving.

Hence I put together this playlist..

 My Wes Anderson Soundtrack..

  1. Wigwam – Bob Dylan                                          [Royal Tenenbaums]
  2. Here Comes my Baby – Cat Stevens                      [Rushmore]
  3. Making Time – The Creation                                 [Rushmore]
  4. Life On Mars – David Bowie                                  [Life Aquatic]
  5. Queen Bitch – David Bowie                                  [Life Aquatic]
  6. Needle In The Hay – Elliot Smith                           [Royal Tenenbaums]
  7. Lullabye – Emitt Rhodes                                      [Royal Tenenbaums]
  8. Ooh La La – The Faces                                       [Rushmore]
  9. Les Champs-Elysees – Joe Dassin                          [Darjeeling Limited]
  10. Look At Me – John Lennon                                   [Royal Tenenbaums]
  11. This Time Tomoraw – The Kinks                            [Darjeeling Limited]
  12. Strangers – The Kinks                                         [Darjeeling Limited]
  13. Stephanie Says – Lou Reed                                  [Royal Tenenbaums]
  14. Fly – Nick Drake                                                 [Royal Tenenbaums]
  15. The Fairest Of The Seasons – Nico                        [Royal Tenenbaums]
  16. These Days – Nico                                              [Royal Tenenbaums]
  17. Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard – Paul Simon   [Royal Tenenbaums]
  18. Where Do You Go To My Lovely – Peter Sarstedt      [Darjeeling Limited]
  19. She Smiled Sweetly - The Rolling Stones                [Royal Tenenbaums]
  20. Ruby Tuesday - The Rolling Stones                        [Royal Tenenbaums]
  21. 30 Century Man – Scott Walker                             [Life Aquatic]
  22. Rebel Rebel – Seu Jorge                                       [Life Aquatic]
  23. Rue St. Vincent – Yves Montand                            [Rushmore]
  24. The Way I Feel Inside – Zombies                            [Life Aquatic]
while i was putting the movies on the side i noticed how many tenenbaum ones were there.
i know this might seem bias, knowing that 

a. tenenbaums is my favorite. and
b. i hardly got any bottle rocket or any mothersbaugh.

but whatever i still think this can make me waste a quarter of my tank.


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